Now is the time for action! We are currently growing our grassroots effort across the Unites States. is an online community network designed to connect volunteers with Democrat campaigns and causes.  

Together we can make a difference

We are working hard to finalize a new website that will connect Volunteers with Democrat Candidates for the 2018 Election. There is a wide range of volunteer positions this years to help organize and support local Candidates. This new online system will make finding volunteer opportunities easier. 




Our Mission


Volunteer with campaigns



Encourage People to Become Active


Support Democrat Causes and Candidates



Helping Local Candidates

There are many ways to help contribute to the success of Local Democrats Candidates this year.

  • Display a Yard Sign
  • Send an Email to Friends and Family asking them to vote for a Candidate
  • Host a Meet and Greet with your Neighbors
  • Canvass your neighborhood
  • Make calls as part of a Phone Bank or your own contacts
  • Join the Campaign at Events – Parade, Festivals and Community Events
  • Office Assistance and Errands
  • Hold a Fundraising Event
  • Offer your special skills to help a Campaign – Graphic Design is a great example offers a wide range of services to Democrat Candidates running for Office. If you are a Candidate or Campaign Manager please contact us for details.

   We need your support

Please consider making a contribution to
support our programs.